Monday, March 17, 2008

Another Day

"Another day, no Dollar, but Niara" as Eddie Kaddi the lead actor in area boys put it during the making of Area Boys. But this blog is not on the "making off" but rather an event that has gripped the nation year in year out known as BOBTV. For the second year running bobtv was held at the Ladi Kwali Hall center in Sheraton Abuja.

For those that are wondering "what is bobtv"? Well to simply put it bobtv is BEST OF THE BEST TV, BROADCASTING & FILM in Nigeria. The event organizers, Mrs Amaka Igwe and her Husband come partner Charles Igwe must be commended for the hard work and efforts in putting together a program directed at improving the current state of the Nigerian film and broadcasting industry.

As usual bobtv had its usual expo stands for companies to showcase their latest offerings in terms of camera equipments, lighting, sounds, grips and hardware. There were a host of producers and directors selling and acquiring films and seeking distribution deals within and outside of Nigeria from media and broadcasting companies milling around the event, from the likes of SABC, DSTV, HITV just to mention a few.

I was quite impressed this year to see a stand by the BBC WORLD SERVICE and their array of high quality films on HIV AIDS and other social issues. This year was the year that we at Inspire Film & Media which is also known as Inspire Film Productions Nig Ltd previewed our long and waited film AREA BOYS. To know what happened when our film was screened read on………..

I can tell you the first day AREA BOYS was screened I was really nervous because I didn’t know how the general public would take the film, especially the university undergrads. As I walked into the large hall 7 and sat down and noticed only five people in the room. I quickly got into a position usually military soldiers would in a bunker to shield away from enemy fire. My mind was thinking well this is bad…and within a few seconds as the film started the situation got worse as only two people were left in the room. I thought oh no, we really suck, maybe I should start to retreat to the exit door!! Just as I was about to tell the operator to stop the film, I noticed the people that left the room came back in full force with more people.

Now I wasn’t crouching anymore and my head was slowly rising above my chair. To my surprise this happened a few more times and before long the room had practically packed out and the audience was quiet to which I thought “that’s a good sign”. As the film ended the room was still silent and the audience left the room. I wasn’t quite sure how to take it but I was later informed by the festival directors Area Boys was well received.

On to the second and last screening things were different as the room was practically full before I got there and people were eagerly waiting to see the film. This time I sat down with my head up high and as the film was played I looked at peoples faces and could see they were really into it. At the end of the screening there was a massive applaud with some people whistling and others stood up. I felt good and proud from all the hard work that had gone into the film by the cast and crew. I’d like to give you all a pat on the back for your hard work and commitment.