Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Nike 10k run

So, the first challenge for me in trying to raise attention (and some money) to realise the Area Boys film project was when I signed up to do the 10k run which begins on the 8th of October. The reason I say it's a challenge is because only a few weeks ago, I can faithfully say I hated running with a passion! Even the thought of it made me feel a bit queasy!

The human mind and body is a phenomenum! In the early days of my training, it was a battle to make myself go out to jog 15 mins (and I'm a very active person!). I would make a million and one excuses about why I should put the the run off for another day. The mind is very good at convincing you to do what it wants, and if I didn't have a vision/ reason for running I would have given up on day one.

Now I can run for one hour and feel I still have some more in the tank! Go figure! And it almost feels natural (I say almost because it can be a lonely sport and it's very easy to quit when the going gets tough and there's no-one to push you).

So now I'm running for the 'North London massive' against the coffee swilling south Londoners at the Nike 10k in Regents park. And I'm hoping to do the run in 45 mins (another miracle!)

I'll load some pics of my training as soon as I can.

God bless


Blogger Christian Writer said...

From a seasoned runner to a not-quite seasoned one, I say you've got the running bug. It's only a matter of time before your legs swing out of your bed before you realise what's happening and the next thing you know, you're pounding the proverbial pavement half-asleep.

You know...you're a runner when your legs start twitching if you don't run in 2 days.

You know...you're a runner when you start talking about airwicking systems, Saucony trainers and injured hamstrings with the fervency of a zealot, never once minding the glaze in your audience's eyes.

Go for it. Run and raise the money for your film. All I'm saying is; remember me in your kingdom.

1:52 PM  

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