Sunday, October 08, 2006

North vs South, Mel vs Janette?

Hey All,
Sorry we haven't been in touch with updates but as you can imagine things have been getting more hectic as the shoot date looms ever closer! We have exactly one month before I fly to Lagos to begin the 2 week prep before shooting. But before that we have the small matter of some major fundraising to reach our budget. Today Janette and I will be converging with thousands other runners for the annual Nike 10km race in a North vs South challenge. I run for the north whilst Janette is for the south. May the best team (ahem North) win!

We're pleased to announce that we've lined up a couple of key interviews to help promote the AREA BOYS PROJECT:
On monday 9th October we are on the radio show VOICE OF AFRICA (Sky digital 0192)from 11am-2pm and next sunday evening (15th) we will be on BEN TV.

Please do tune in to support us and be part of our vision!

Thank you all for your, thoughts, prayers and support.

Till next time.


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