Tuesday, December 05, 2006


After 30 exciting and adventure filled days, we did it and have the postcard to show for it- so to speak! The past month has been a truly amazing experience for everyone involved in the AREA BOYS PROJECT. I think I speak for the whole crew when I say that every single member of the team has been touched, changed even by our experiences in making this dream a reality- whether it be spiritually or in the form of a reality check on the plight of Africa. We've all come back with personal stories to tell- funny stories, scary stories and downright absurd stories. But most importantly we have in a possession over 10 hours of what we hope will be the beginning of the transformation of Nigeria and the African continent not just as a continent with potential but one of importance, with something valuable to give the rest of the world...

Thank you for all your thoughts, prayers, emails of kind wishes and encouragement. You don't know how they helped us get through the eye of numerous storms!!!!

My apologies go out to everyone who I haven't replied back to or gotten in touch with. I'll try my best to reach to you all this week.

Look out for updates on the progress of the project through post production and/or screening s in the new year...


Blogger Awoof said...

Wow! Congratulations on the compltion of your movie!!! I really do want to work with you guys in promoting this movie... I've sent a Myspace e-mail to Bello. Congrats againa nd I hope you guys produce more, similarily inspiring movies like this!

3:14 PM  

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