Tuesday, October 17, 2006

How long now?

Following a fabulous run last sunday, I am very proud to say that the south won!!!!I keep telling Mel that if he wants to go far in life he needs to stick with me.Evidently (as he said) may the best team win.Well,what can I say?It was so much fun and I'm looking forward to doing it next year.We had our first rehearsal last weekend, it was really good and basically I have a LOT of work to do.I've been instructed to watch lots of Nollywood films and work on my Nigerian accent.I had all my injections the other day and I tell you I'm ready. I'm really desperate to go now.Joeseph (our lead actor) and I walked the streets of London last weekend till 2 in the morning, handing out flyers everywhere, Nigerian restaurants, bars, clubs, stuck them on cars,just everywhere.I had a bit of a panic attack, afraid no one would come to Agbero Nights on friday,I'm ok now, but I'm sure to start stressing soon.Everytime DJ Gabe (who I must say has been a God send..............THANK YOU!!!!!!) calls me, I anticipate bad news.However, there has been none so far.Thank the Lord.

I went to Artisan( a prayer meeting for Christians working in the Media) last night and I tell you I was so blessed, I asked for prayer for our film, and it was so lovely.

I'm feeling abit impatient and really want to be on the plane now.Like yesterday!

We went on Ben TV on sunday, and did our thing. Thank you Black Knights for allowing us to go on on your show!

I hope to see all of you guys, friday night, Manjaro Bar,148 Holloway Rd,London!!!!!

until friday..........


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