Thursday, September 14, 2006


Greetings all. I'm working with Mel on Area Boys and am absolutely drained because it's taken me about 5 hrs to figure out how to use this website!!!!!!!!!

Had a fairly good day today, Virgin Nigeria came back with some very positive feedback (we're in the process of negotiating discounts for flights and sponsorship). Contacted a few ambient media and advertising companies hopefully they'll give us some money.Waiting to hear back from Haringey Film Council (I'm not sure if they'll consider our project as we're not shooting in Haringey).Contacted BEN TV and OBE TV, hopefully they'll give us some exposure (free, i hope.....).I wrote to Guinness as well...

This running business is not getting any easier.Its sooooo hard.I went training last night and it was really tough, I really wanted to stop but I had to will myself to continue.And that's half the Nike run!!!

Have to make sure I tell the crew to get all appropriate vaccinations, need to get the flyer design from Mel for our club night.And to sort out the venue.

A million and one things to do................

Until the next time



Blogger Mel said...

Is a lie! It took you 5 days to figure out how to use the site!!!!!!!!

5:53 PM  

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