Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Enduring until the end

Had some good news yesterday Virgin Nigeria are on board and are sponsoring us, so it's definitely on!!!!!!I'm about to book flights, just waiting to confirm crew.I checked my emails today and although I haven't received any from potential sponsors, I did get some from people who've responded to the site and our project.I was really touched and I feel like all our hard work is paying off.

We now have a venue,Mangaro Bar and Restaurant and a date 20th October, we just need people for our fund raising event, and some bouncers.I read the first draft of the script on Sunday.Do you know how long I've waited to have a script in my hand?I was ecstatic, when Dipo told me he had sent me the script I screamed and then there was a deathly silence on the phone, I had to compose myself.I said "Sorry about that":-).Everything's ok now we have a script.

I went running with my brother on Saturday, who shot off without me, leaving me behind. He then said, I need to work harder as I'm not pushing myself.And its true I was running at the back of the pack at a safe pace and would finish without a bead of sweat,but fairly confident that I could run 3 miles without stopping.So I turned up the heat last night.And I ran in the middle of the pack I ran so hard and I pushed myself.I nearly died, managed to shave 5mins off my best time!!!!I learnt something.You can achieve more than you think you can if you push yourself and it's better for you to run this race called life with people who are fitter and faster as it inspires and pushes you to do more.To achieve more.It just takes focus and sheer determination. Determination is what we have to lift this thing off the ground, with £1 or £10000, we've made a decision to endure until the end.


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